The ultimate list – Top 5 ways to success between jobs

Days, weeks, months, solar cycles, the list goes on. Looking for jobs in South Africa can be a huge time sink, and much of the time you feel like you’re sitting at the local restaurant, waiting for a date that never arrives. However there are much better ways to spend your time between jobs. In this list we count down the most reliable ways to success, while waiting for those job applications to come through. So bring out your notebook and get ready to sharpen your skills.

Why should you stay active?

Now we know job hunting is almost a job on its own. So why should you burden yourself with more work? Most of us would rather kick back and relax after sending in our resumes! Well the truth is the world is constantly changing, and new skills are coming into demand. Its important to keep yourself up to date. Also, as we have learned from COVID, having a backup plan is a must! If you create that second stream of income you will me much more safe, regardless of how the circumstances around you develop.

5: Learn a skill to put on your resume!

We get it, looking for your first job is difficult, especially when your CV looks so skinny! But this is why its important to use the down time productively. Impress the next recruiter eyeing your CV with some new tools! Among the most useful skills you can learn as a young person in search of a job, are practical things, that you can apply on the spot. These skills are good because they can be learned at home, with the tools in your home. Or better yet from the comfort of your computer. Some examples include:

  • Languages
  • Writing
  • Web development
  • Housework
  • Painting

These are all things you can learn on your own. And by adding them to your CV, you will have a much easier time to get hired!

4: Do freelance work!

The job market is changing. When our parents were young, it was more common to be hired, and stick to your post for 10-15 years. But today is the age of the free agent. People will hop from project to project, not sticking to any one company. Some say it has taken back some of the power from the big bosses! We say its a golden opportunity for you to earn a quick buck in between jobs. There are many freelancing agencies you can sign up to. Where you will find many new jobs. Maybe you can even find your next permanent job here?

Either way it is another way to beef up your resume, and to keep those precious rands coming in while hunting for a more permanent gig. As we mentioned, there are a few places where you can start looking, we recommend a site like Upwork or even Fiverr, both of these are very popular places to find freelance work, and they list thousands of jobs!

3: The work from home pandemic!

Now how many of you have been left feeling jealous, when your friends talk about how they’re enjoying working from home. Having to drag yourself into a taxi to go miles to your boring office while they pop a savannah and get to work from the reclining sofa. Life is not always fair, but if there is one good thing COVID has brought us, it is working from home!

The best thing about these jobs, just like freelancing gigs, is that they are often easier to find than your standard vacancy. For example, some people might sit at home and complete surveys, others will start a web page and get money from advertising. There is a huge list of things that can make you money from the comfort of your home. And who knows, maybe you will find a new way to make money, and become completely self employed!

It can be as easy as opening a window kitchen, feeding your community! Or maybe try the latest new craze, drop shipping. If you think outside the box, there are many opportunities to help you.

2: Certified boss!

How many time have wanted to apply for a job, only to read a long list of certifications needed. It is true that today you will often need some kind of certificate. So while you have the time, go out and get them! For example Harvard offers free online courses that you can do, its not a full degree, but its something that you can still put on your CV. This is something we really want you young people to do, as it also gives you the chance to find your true passion. Like they say, you wont know until you try it!

And in some cases, while working for these certificates, you might make new connections, or even get hired from the people you meet along the way. Many companies will look to these schools looking for their next hire! It doesn’t have to take years of studies either, many schools like wits offer 6 week courses that will beef up your CV in no time!

Some examples of quick courses you can do include:

  • Web development
  • Business management
  • Language courses
  • CAD
  • Administration

Check out your local school or university and see what they have to offer. It is never too late to sharpen your skills!

1: You do you!

So many of us dream of starting our own business. But its easy to get stuck, you find a job, then what? Where will you find the time to grow your own passion? Its tragic to see many people losing themselves in a repetitive lifestyle they don’t really enjoy. So don’t let that be you, if you have a dream you always wanted to make happen, now is the time! Its easy to push it until later, but now really is your golden chance. Book that flight to Cape Town, Start that nail salon, you love sneakers? Sell them!

South Africa’s youth is filled with talent and dreams, and its high time more people started acting on them. Starting your own thing doesn’t have to mean you need huge amounts of capital. Many things can be started on a shoestring budget, or with things you might even have at home, like a computer!

We hope we have given you a few ideas, on what to do while waiting for your next job. There’s something else you can do though, improve your CV! Check out our guide on that right here. Or better yet improve your chances of finding a job with our Ultimate guide to jobs in South Africa. Until next time, good luck on your job search!

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