State capture: The controversial report fueling job growth?

We have been at the edge of our seats waiting for this report. Finally the state capture commission has released the report, and the read is no joke. Well over 800 pages long, many will struggle to find the time to read through it. However one thing is for certain, it has the chance to shake things up. Looking at jobs, how will this report have an effect?

What does this have to do with jobs?

The case of corruption in South Africa has been studies for many years. We know how it has torn down the countries economy for years. Also not only does it mean only the already fortunate get to keep all the riches, people like Brian Molefe, but it also shuts out a huge part of the population. We can look at other cases of corruption in the world, and see that most countries that have this problem are struggling. In any democratic nation the power resides with the people. Our combined economic power in the form of taxes, is what keeps everything going. That’s why the state capture report is important, we need to know what’s happening with our money!

The government has the job, to the best of their abilities, use our hard earned tax money to improve the conditions in the country. So the very important task of utilizing the countries resources through taxes, must be handled with the greatest care. But what happens when the very people we put our trust in fail to be transparent and honest? We already know how devastating it can be, but it might not be obvious at first, just how deeply the issue affects us. Hopefully the full state capture report will reveal just how deep.

The impact of jobs

Employment is a central part of any countries economy. The more people that find jobs, the more taxes roll in, when more people are paying tax, our government has more resources to invest back into the country. With more investment comes prosperity and an economic boom. A high employment rate is the driving force behind many positives.

But, to start, employment can only be created with proper investment. To create jobs we need businesses and services. One of the main things government can do to create jobs, is by investing into public services. When we build a new hospital, we also create so many new jobs. Or even a new gautrain station, yet another branch of home affairs, etc. All of these lead to more people getting to work, but of course, it all starts with state investment.

In a perfect world our leaders have our best interests at heart, and would stop at nothing to inject the country with more resources. But the reality is always different, and as we struggle with corruption and thieving officials, the brian molefes of our world we see why the state capture report is so necessary, and how it actually might help job growth.

State captures our taxes

Thieves in fancy suits

So we can clearly see how important it is for the state to invest properly. But what happens when they don’t? Take a look at the Eastern Cape, a huge part of South Africa, yet still underdeveloped. Large parts of our nation have been forgotten. This is a direct result of lack of reinvestment of tax money. As the state capture report reveals, the money is going out of our pockets and into someone’s wallet. This puts us in an evil circle. No money is being reinvested, hence no job growth, there is no job growth so less taxes are coming in, the end result being less resources to spend!

The cycle will continue forever, until something happens to shake it up. The state capture documents could be just what we need.

How will one report change anything?

People have been complaining about corruption for many years. It is definitely no secret how our leaders are mismanaging the country. So what will this latest report do? Is it not only another example of our leaders criminal activities?

And why would it have an effect on job growth, after all it us just a report. Well, in a sense this might be true. The release of the state capture documents is just one event. One event in a long line of questionable antics. But here is the thing. We live in the age of social media. Now more than ever, information is available at any time, wherever you want it. The report is way too long for many people to read, and had it been released 20 years ago, it would have went under the radar. But today is different, we know how celebrity scandals can spread like wildfire through social media. This is a state scandal, and it has the perfect setting to grow legs.

People with the time and energy to read the whole report will publish summaries. They will release excerpts and key moments. A previously unreadable beast of a document will now be much more accessible. Just as it should have been from the start. The state capture report is of huge public interest, and it should be published in a way that makes it available to everyone. One example of this we already know, from the whole Brian Molefe and Eskom saga.

Another thing the report might change, is how people are appointed, especially in state run businesses. We already know of the incompetence of certain branches of public service. Due to corruption, we often see the wrong people in important positions. People like Brian Molefe who are handed huge amounts of power without the competence to manage it.

If these things are exposed, we could see deserving people rise to these places, giving a new generation the chance to shape this country. In a completely transparent and open society, with a government who rewards highly skilled individuals, someone like Brian would not be let near such an important role.

Its in the hands of the people

But just reading the report is not enough. Now comes the hard part. With this report the public will finally have hard evidence of years of corruption. How we use this information is critical. The power of the vote lies in our hands, and it is the single best weapon we can use to get our will through.

With all dirty laundry out in the open, now is the time to put pressure on policymakers. If enough people are encouraged by this report, and organize themselves to make change, change can be forced. The ruling party knows that their numbers have been on the decline lately. And a huge change in public opinion could be what pushes them towards loss of power. The state capture report is a weapon to be used. They obviously cannot afford this to happen. So when more and more votes hang in the balance, Our government will start taking action. T.

This can include getting rid of corrupt officials. The first step to a healthy state. Once we manage to rid ourselves of corrupt officials, removing them from positions of power, things can go back to normal. With less hands reaching for our hard earned money, honest leaders can funnel it where it belongs. Back into the school system, healthcare, police, logistics. All of these will create a boom of new work opportunities.

This wont happen overnight, but this report may very well be the start. The start of a government that invests in its country. And we pointed out, investment creates job opportunities.

A historic report

So with all this in mind, we know how important this report is. With the right effort it can change many things for job seekers. But until then, we will keep going with our vacancies here at JobfinderZA. Our goal is to create opportunities and make the job hunt easier for all of you. So don’t forget to check what we have available at our main page

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