No experience jobs:How to crush and beat rejection!

We have all been there, fresh out of matric, a shiny new diploma from University, the feeling of excitement is taking over. You just spent many hard years at the school bench and now its time to take on the world! However, getting started feels a bit like slamming your head in to a brick wall. This brick wall, also knows as ”experience and qualifications”, can ruin your motivation. Where are all the entry level jobs? Why are ”no experience jobs” so rare?

We are of course talking about the lack of experience many young people have. Lack of experience makes finding a job almost impossible for some! And to get experience, you need to work, but be allowed to work, you need experience in the first place. It is a hamster wheel that doesn’t stop spinning. However, there are ways to make it work! at JobfinderZA we have many tricks up our sleeves. To get a job with no experience, you need to start getting creative, and think outside of the box, as well as opening yourself up to opportunities that you had not considered before, in this guide we will show you how to get hired with no experience.

Why is experience an issue?

You might be wondering, why do i need years of experience? im a fast learner, give me two weeks and ill be employee of the year already!

Well, it turns out, employers dont like taking risks, and they especially do not like taking a chance when hiring someone. To maximise profits, most employers want to hire someone they already know will perform in that role they are looking to fill. In other words, if you do not have any experience, employers cannot be completely sure you will actually deliver when the time comes. The lack of jobs in South Africa makes this even worse.

There are almost always hundreds of people applying for the same vacancy. This means employers are usually very picky, and can afford to reject many applicants to choose someone with more experience. So these no experience jobs have become a lot more rare than they used to be.

However, this is not the end of the world, companies still want young and inexperienced people! But its important that you look in the right places, and keep an open mind to the vacancies that you find.

No experience jobs, where to find them.

They almost sound like a myth, companies that hire people without any prior work experience. Where can you find these rare players? Well it turns out the answer is right under your nose most of the time.

Some of your most common and beloved businesses and retailers are all hiring with only a matric! The most common places to find these vacancies, is in jobs where you usually see mostly young people employed. Think about it, whats the average age of a Mcdonalds worker? probably pretty low right? This is not by chance, as fast food chains like Mcdonalds are known to post no experience jobs. As a consequence, many people get their very first paycheck from similar businesses.

However, this does not mean you are doomed to flipping burgers and salting fries straight out of matric or University, fast food chains are just one of the many companies that hire entry level workers. Some of the most common sectors to get your first job in are these:

  • The retail sector employs many first time job seekers
  • Call centre jobs are very popular for a reason, many times they do not require any experience, and give great opportunities to advance in the company!
  • Warehouse jobs is another type of employment that does not require years and years of experience, and gives you a great chance to fill out your resume!

These are just a few of the many types of jobs that are in need of entry level workers, so your first step should be to look in any of these sectors!

So i know where to find the no experience jobs, but what about my pride?!?

We have all heard it, and maybe you see yourself in this. The person who refuses to take a job flipping burgers, or folding clothes, because its beneath them. Its understandable that after graduating with a nice degree in an advanced subject, or recently getting your matric, this might feel like a step back. However, you need to remember that beggars cannot be choosers. The situation in South Africa does not always give us the luxury to be picky. Also, there is absolutely no shame in working hard to put food on the table, no matter where your paycheck comes from. The reality is we just have to make a living somehow, and as of 2021 pride can still not pay the bills, so sometimes we just have to swallow it. Most no experience jobs are in these sectors.

Another thing many people miss, you are not stuck forever! Taking a job you might not be excited about does not mean you have to stay there. Use it to get that valuable experience, until you are able to find something that you have a passion for!

In short, being picky will really hurt your chances of advancing your career. Sometimes you have to dig deep, and try new things.

But what about my resume, i have nothing to write!

A valid concern, if you have no experience, what are you supposed to put in your resume? In this case we have to get creative, we still need to impress the employer!

You should focus more on talking about your personal attributes, and how they make you a great fit for the job. Actually, the most important part in applying for an entry level job might just be your cover letter! This is because your cover letter is more focused on presenting you as a person, while the resume is better suited for listing your qualifications and experience. So put more work into making a perfect cover letter, rather than obsessing over your resume.

Of course, making a great impression at the interview will matter a lot here. You will have to grab the recruiters interest by presenting yourself as an amazing candidate for the job!

In other words, to get an entry level job you need to focus more on your personal qualities rather than what you put on your resume. By reading our Ultimate guide to Jobs in South Africa, you will learn how to make the perfect cover letter to get these no experience jobs.

What have we learned?

We know job hunting is not easy in South Africa, but it is not impossible! By being creative, and being open minded, you too can get hired! Get out there, build your resume, and apply for some entry level jobs!

At JobfinderZA we have a huge database of entry level jobs! Check it out here and see if you find something you like. If you are looking for more no experience jobs check out our social media pages.

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