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About job finder

We believe South Africa has the deepest talent pool in the world! from hopeful new graduates, to seasoned veterans in their fields, South Africa has talent in abundance!

We want to put all of that ambition and work ethic to good use! also, we know you want a chance to put in the work, and get your career on track! that is where we come in!

Our goal here at JobFinder is to simplify your job search, host the most recent vacancies, and help employers in South Africa find the right talent!

We believe the process of applying to jobs should be simple and effective, so you can quickly find the right position for you.

To make this possible, we remove all of the admin work! no more endless login forms and redirects, instead, apply easily with just a few clicks right here with us!

We host a number of different South African vacancies, from private companies hiring new talent, to provincial government jobs!

Get started today, browse our vacancies below, there are listings for most locations across South Africa including Johannesburg, Capetown, and the Eastern cape!

For example, looking for government jobs in Gauteng? search for gpg vacancies in the search field!

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If you are a first time job seeker, or a recent graduate looking to finally get your career started, you should visit our entry level jobs page!

Here we make sure to post those vacancies that are perfect if you’re just starting out! apply for all of our entry level vacancies at the link posted above!

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If you are an employer, looking to post more vacancies, using our service is easier than ever!

Our exposure is impressive across all provinces in South Africa, meaning you will have no trouble finding the right people to fill whatever need your company has!!

Simply visit our employer portal right over here, continue, and enter all the information you want to about your vacancy! we will automatically create a new account for you!

Posting vacancies takes but a few minutes and can be done under the ”Create New vacancy” tab, we also offer head hunting solutions if you are looking to recruit special talent to your team, contact us for more details.

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